Hi everyone!

My name is Anne Bonhoure and I am a lifeaholic in training.  I have been stumbling through life for 20 years and finally decided I should share things that have made my life easier. Now your first question is probably “Why is this blog called A Bonnie Bon?” If that’s the case, then you have come to the right place. When I was younger, my nickname was Bonbon – derived from the first three letters of my last name Bonhoure. Obviously, the fact that I am sweet like bonbons was another reason (inserts tearful laughing emoji). As I grew up, my friends played around with the name Bonbon and came up with alternatives such as Bon, Bonnie, and Bonabelle. My personal favorite is Bonnie, but since classic usernames such as abonnie or bonnie97 were already taken, I decided to mash Bon and Bonnie together to create A Bonnie Bon. Pretty catchy, no?

Anyways, now that I have thoroughly described the name of my blog, let me share a little bit about me. I was born in Vietnam and then adopted by my amazing French parents. From Vietnam, my parents took me to their house in Grenoble, France. We lived there for five years before we moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. I grew up in Fort Collins and didn’t leave until after graduating High School. I have now been living in Boulder, CO, for two years (I moved so far away, right?)

I am currently a pre-med student at the University of Colorado – Boulder. I just couldn’t leave Colorado yet because I love the mountains. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, running, or getting lost, I try to spend as much time possible outdoors. When I am not exploring, I am most likely baking, studying or watching Netflix with a tub of ice cream.

Even though I love Boulder, I do miss Fort Collins sometimes because I miss my parents, their cooking, and my cat, Chester. Luckily, since it is only an hour drive to Fort Collins, I can go visit them when I want/need to. Eventually, Chester will live with me, but I will probably wait until I live alone (I currently live in an apartment with three roommates) and have more time to cuddle with him.

I'd love to hear what you thought of this post!