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I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like most of my friends’ and family members’ birthdays are in April and May! I have probably spent my last few paychecks solely on gifts for everyone. Even though my bank account is little low at the moment, I love looking for gifts. I find the process fun and I usually end up with thoughtful, often funny, gifts. So, I figured I would share some tips and ideas with you guys!

Tip #1

Ask the person if there is anything specific they want. I know this ruins the element of surprise, but you can always add a little something that they won’t expect. Sometimes, people prefer to receive gifts they want or need, rather than receiving something they might not like or have a use for.

Tip #2

Think about what they like and special memories you have with them. Are they big fans of anything (band, movie, animal, etc) ? Do you guys have any inside jokes? What are their hobbies?

Tip #3

If you are planning on buying clothes, ask yourself these questions – what is their size? What are their favorite colors? What is their style? Can they wear this often? Is it appropriate for work/ class/ everyday life?

Tip #4

Search online stores and put in keywords that are related to the person. For instance, if they love corgis, search corgi-related items. Although you can just use Google for this, I recommend checking out Etsy, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Tip #5

If you are buying jewelry, make it thoughtful by adding engravings or getting a symbol that is important to them. For engravings, some ideas include a skyline of a city they love, both of your names or initials, a date that is important to both of you, a constellation, the list goes on and on. Ideas for symbols include their zodiac sign, their favorite animal, a compass if they’re adventurous, something funny that represents them or an inside joke, etc.

Now that I’ve shared a couple tips with you guys, let me show you a couple of gift ideas!

Species Adoption from WWF

I was searching google the other day for a plush of my friend’s favorite animal. As I was scrolling down, the website for World Wildlife Fund popped up. I clicked on the link and discovered I could “Adopt an Animal”. For $55, you can choose an animal to adopt (there are countless animals to choose from). You’ll receive an adoption kit that includes a plush, a photo, an adoption certificate, a species information card, and a gift bag. I think this is such a thoughtful gift if your friend is passionate about a certain animal, or even animals in general. Also, the $55 are used by the WWF to protect animals and their habitats.


I could spend hours on Etsy because there are so many talented artists that sell their crafts on there. Etsy conveniently has a gift shop section and there are countless of items to choose from. My personal favorites are zodiac-related items, mugs with funny or motivational quotes, jewelry that you can customize, home decor that fits the person’s style, etc.

Recently, I bought a family tree necklace for my mom. The family tree had my initial, her’s, and my dad’s.

PC: LaLaCrystal

I also bought a rice bowl that has small holes to keep the chopsticks in place for my roommate because he loves rice and ramen. He eats one of the two for lunch and dinner almost everyday. I chose this bowl because I thought it would fit his style and it is practical!

PC: Mountain Mud Company

Barnes and Noble

The last idea I’ll share with you is a journal. Now, I know this is a very common idea, and I have received too many of these myself, but it is always a good backup or last minute gift. Journals can also be made into thoughtful gifts if you put some time into deciding which journal to get. For instance, if you have a friend that uses bullet journals, you can buy journals that fit that purpose – usually ones with blank pages or grids.

Maybe the person you’re getting the gift for loves drawing or recording their adventures. You can get them journals that fit those functions. Many journals have charms attached to them that could symbolize something that person loves. Some journals also have quotes on and in them that the person could love.

PC: Barnes and Noble


PC: Barnes and Noble








That’s all the ideas and tips I have for now. I hope you liked them and/or learned something new! Let me know in the comments what you think about these tips/ideas and tell me about your own gift buying process!

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