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Who likes making money? As a college student, I definitely do – especially when I can do it from my phone. Plus, let’s be honest, I carry my phone everywhere with me so I have no excuse to not use these. Anyways, I have prepared a list for you guys!

Cash Back Apps

1. Ibotta

This is one of my favorite apps because it is super easy to use. If you haven’t heard of Ibotta, it is an app that gives you cash back on your groceries, clothes, and other stuff! Ibotta gives cash back on things you probably already buy. They even give cash back on Any Brand items (ie. any brand bread, yogurt, milk, etc).

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2. Checkout 51

This app is very similar to Ibotta except it is more brand specific. Once a week, you can pick your own offer from 5 options that usually consist of fruit and vegetables. They also have a $500 giveaway each month that you can enter by snapping a grocery trip receipt over $60. You can enter one receipt per week!


3. MobiSave

Mobisave pays a little less than Ibotta and Checkout 51, but it has some good items. Like Ibotta, it has some Any Brand items. This app is great for those who have PayPal because each time you get cash back, it automatically sends it to your PayPal account! One disadvantage, however, is that they currently only use PayPal as a payment method.

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4. Wondermall

This is a great app where you can get cash back for buying online. You get points for every purchase you make (100 points is equal to $1)! It doesn’t seem like a ton, but it adds up quickly. Wondermall also has coupons, which are automatically applied when you checkout.

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5. Ebates

I’m sure many of you know about Ebates already, but I figured I would still include it since it gives cash back, so fits in this list. If you don’t know what Ebates is, it is an app/website that gives you cash back for shopping online (like Wondermall). Click the button below to sign up now!
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

6. Receipt Hog

I love this app because all you have to do is snap pictures of receipts to earn coins. You get coins when you buy from stores that sells groceries, health items, etc. For receipts from clothing stores, home improvement, etc, they give you slot spins where you can earn coins and other prizes. For every receipt you submit, you also get one sweepstakes entry, which are once a month. Once you hit 1,000 coins, you can cash out $5 through PayPal or Amazon. You can also wait until you hit 6,500 coins and cash out $40!

7. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great way to earn money or gift cards. You can earn swagbucks by playing games, doing surveys, shopping online (like Ebates), watching videos, and more! You can get $25 through PayPal once you hit 2,500 swagbucks. Sign up here!

Selling Apps

1. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app where you can buy/sell clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. You just take some pictures, write a description, choose a price, and post your item!  You do have to package your items and drop it off at a USPS location, but Poshmark gives you a pre-paid label and you can order free envelopes and boxes from the USPS site!

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2. Offer Up, Letgo, & Craigslist

I put these three together because they are very similar. They all allow you sell items locally. All you have to do is post some pictures and write a good description! So far, I have had the most success with Craigslist and Letgo, but I would recommend putting your items on all three because you never know who will find it!

5. Decluttr

I haven’t had time to use this app yet, but it seems great! Decluttr allows you to sell your DVDs, CDs, Games, Books and Tech. You can scan the bar code to see if your items are accepted. You have to enter at least $10 worth of items to complete your order. Once you have your order, pack all your items in a box, attach the pre-paid UPS label that Decluttr gives you, and drop it off at any UPS location! You’ll then get paid by direct deposit, PayPal, or check once they receive your items.

Survey App

1. iPoll

With iPoll, you can earn money by answering surveys. They pay from 25 cents to over a $1 for each survey. If you don’t mind spending some time answering surveys, then I definitely recommend this! I usually try to do surveys when I’m waiting in line or on the road (and not driving of course).

Fun Apps

1. Lucktastic

This is such a fun app because you can earn tokens and money by just scratching cards. Personally, I find scratching cards very relaxing. There’s usually a short ad before you can scratch each card, but after scratching some cards, I’ve noticed the ads stop, or it’s just a pop up. Lucktastic also has giveaways you can enter. You can earn tokens from scratchcards, surveys, or watching app trailers. You can redeem those tokens for gift cards or giveaway entries.

2. Qriket

Unless you are a very lucky person, it would probably take some time to get a good amount of money from this app. However, I figured I would still mention it. You can basically earn money from spinning a wheel. You choose what color you think the wheel will land on, and if it lands on that color, you earn the amount of money on the wheel. This can range from 10 cents to $100 or more. You earn spins by watching ads or filling out surveys.

3. Lucky Day

This is a fun app that resembles a casino. You can earn playing chips and winning chips. The winning chips can be redeemed for cash, while the playing chips can be used on scratchcards, slots, lotto, blackjack, and more. The chips you win during those games become winning chips.

4. Perk Apps

Perk apps include Perk TV, Perk Scratch & Win!, Perk Pop Quiz!, AppTrailers, and more. In each app you can earn Perk points that can eventually be redeemed for gift cards. You can earn Perk points by watching trailers, scratching cards, playing trivia, and more! Just search Perk in either the Apple store or Google Play, and you should see all of them!

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5. TapsForMoney

You can earn $15 (Amazon or PayPal) by simply playing games, most of which consist of tapping. Once you get a million taps, you get the $15. Too good to be true? Well, a little. You have to be pretty patient because every time you tap, a pop-up ad appears. If you can deal with those, then this app is an easy way to earn $15!

I hope you guys enjoyed this list! Let me know what apps you like and if I missed any!

Plein de bisous,

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  1. I didn’t even know abt all these apps. Thanks for putting these together. I drfinitely check them out.

    1. Thank you for reading! I’m glad I was able to share some new apps with you 🙂

  2. I do Receipt Hog and love it. Shopkick is also awesome…I’ve gotten 4 or 5 gift cards with it.

    1. I completely forgot about Shopkick! I have it on my phone too! I’ll definitely add it to the list. Thank you for mentioning it and commenting 🙂

  3. Wow, I didn’t know about most of these. I’m definitely going to check them out.

    1. Yay I’m glad I was able to share some new apps with you 🙂

  4. Lol, I had no idea these apps existed! I am impressed at this! really impressed. Off to check Ipoll 🙂 Thank you for this!

    1. No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed this list. Ipoll is great! Thank you for reading 🙂

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