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Hey guys, welcome back! I’m sorry for not posting last week, so I will try to make it up by sharing with you guys my favorite lifestyle YouTubers!

Even though I live with three other roommates, we all have different schedules so most of the time we can’t eat breakfast together. Occasionally, our schedules do match up and we’ll eat breakfast together. However, since that is rare, I typically eat breakfast in my room and watch TV or YouTube videos using my Chromecast. Here are some of the YouTube channels I watch in the morning:

1. Ann Le {Anneorshine}

Her YouTube channel consists of DIY videos, lifestyle tips, and beauty tips. Ann also has some amazing organization tips. If you keep a bullet journal, or are interested in bullet journaling, I definitely recommend watching her videos!

2. Caroline

Now, this is more for my French-speaking followers because Caroline is French and her videos are in French. That said, her videos are wonderful. Her channel focuses on fashion, beauty, and health. She recently had a baby, however, so many of her new videos are very relevant for new mothers and women that are expecting!

3. Claire Marshall

Claire is a makeup artist and a lifestyle and beauty vlogger. I love her videos and she is an inspiration to me. Her videos consist of makeup tutorials, outfit ideas, vlogs, and travel diaries.

4. Coolirpa

Coolirpa is run by April, who transforms thrift store clothes into trendy clothes. Whether you know how to sew or not, April’s videos are fun to watch. Also, if you do want to learn how to use a sewing machine and flip your own clothes, then April’s channel is perfect because she has tutorial videos for beginners.

5. Dear Caroline

This is another YouTuber for people who understand French. Even though Caroline does speak English, her videos are in French. Caroline’s videos are hilarious and light-hearted. They are great to watch when you need to take your mind off of life’s seriousness. Her videos are also very relatable, especially if you’re a girl. Caroline’s channel has videos on life, beauty, and fashion.

6. From Head to Toe

From Head to Toe is hosted by Jen Chae and has videos on makeup, fashion and life tips. Jen is adorable and has some awesome tips. She also is a relatively new mother, so you can get great tips if your in the same boat.

7. Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn Nicholson is a lifestyle vlogger and an inspiration to me. I love her style and video content. Her videos range from coffee talks to vlogs to beauty and fashion. She also does Youtober every year where she posts a video everyday for the entire month of October. If you aren’t already following her, now is the perfect time to check her channel out!

8. Lavendaire

Lavendaire is Aileen’s Youtube channel. Aileen is a lifestyle blogger and she has videos on personal growth, lifestyle design, minimalism and more. Her channel is full of inspiring and passionate videos, and I love watching each one. Her videos always motivate me to learn new things and become a better person.

9. MuchelleB

MuchelleB has videos on how to live a more passionate, fulfilling life. Her channel includes DIYs, life tips, minimalism tips, and tips on how to follow your dreams. I love her tips and I always feel motivated to improve myself after watching her videos.

10. Rachel Aust

Rachel Aust has videos on health, style, minimalism, and zero waste. She has great tips on styling your home, how to lose weight, and how to be more eco-friendly. She also has videos featuring planning tips and bullet journaling.

11. Sarah Belle

I recently began watching Sarah’s videos, and I love them. Her channel focuses on fashion, DIYs, decor, beauty, and more!

Alright, these are the YouTubers I typically watch while I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee and chocolate milk (because I’m secretly still a kid). I love watching videos from these channels because most of them are inspiring or lifestyle videos, so they put me in the right mood to take on the day. I also follow artists and other YouTubers, but I typically watch their videos at night or when I have time. I’ll probably do another post on those channels in the future!

Plein de bisous,

A Bonnie Bon

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