30 Day Core Challenge – Week Four

Guys, we finally made it to the last week! Since 4 weeks is only 28 days, I decided to add the last two days to this week. I increased the number of reps, but the number of sets is the same.

I don’t know about you guys, but I am definitely feeling a difference in my core. I can feel my abs getting stronger and the exercises becoming easier. The … Read More

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30 Day Core Challenge – Week Three

Here is week three of this core challenge! I hope you guys are liking this challenge and feeling sore! Don’t forget to take pictures so you can track your progress.

For this week, I just increased the number of reps for most of the exercises. I would do 1-2 or more sets each day!

In case you haven’t seen week one and two, here are the links!

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30 Day Core Challenge – Week Two

Alright everyone, here is week two for this 30 day core challenge! I hope the first week went well for you! I would love for you guys to share your thoughts on week one – what went well, what was hard, did you change anything, etc.

For week two, I just added some bicycles and increased some of the other exercises. Just like last week, I would recommend doing 1-2 … Read More

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Wednesday Fashion: Agatha Bracelet Boula

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This week on Wednesday Fashion, I will be sharing with you guys a bracelet that holds a great deal of meaning to me, and it is a great accessory to add to your outfits. I received this bracelet as a Christmas gift … Read More

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