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Since I didn’t blog on Earth Day, I will dedicate this post to it. One big message that is spread around on Earth Day is the acts of reducing, reusing and recycling. A common thing that is often thrown out, even when it is still good or full, is makeup. I know I’ve been guilty of throwing out mascara I only used a couple times because it dried up, or an eyeshadow palette I didn’t like anymore. So, here are a few ideas for reducing, reusing, and recycling makeup!

#1 Buy Eco-Friendly Makeup

When you buy brands that are eco-friendly, you help the environment and your skin. The products are usually made from less harmful ingredients and packaged with recyclable materials. Some great eco-friendly brands are:

#2 Donate Your Makeup

Whether your makeup is brand new or gently used, there are several places that will gladly accept it. Go to google and look up your local shelters, especially women’s shelters since they’ll probably want makeup more. Figure out what they accept and donate the makeup you don’t want!

You can also look up other organizations that accept new and used makeup, sanitize them, and then hand them out to other shelters or to individuals that need them. One such organization is Project Beauty Share. It has a couple locations in Washington where you can drop off your donations. Otherwise, you can use the provided instructions and ship your items to them. Keep in mind, however, that they do not provide pre-paid shipping labels, so you’ll need to pay for shipping ($10-15).

#3 Use Samples

Have you ever shopped for makeup and seen something you want to try but aren’t sure if you would use it often? Just go up to a salesperson and ask if you can have a sample. Samples are smaller so if you end up not liking it or not using it often, it’s less waste. If you don’t use to much of the sample, you can also donate it.

#4 Use Your Makeup for Multiple Tasks

Often, you can use one thing to replace another. Here are some examples:

  • Lipstick as blush
  • Mascara or eyeshadow as eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow for your brows
  • Eyeshadow for contouring and highlighting
  • Foundation as a primer
#5 Avoid Buying More Than You Need

I know I’ve made the mistake of buying too much makeup because I thought it was really pretty and that I would use it all the time. Although I slip up now and then, I now only buy what I need or things I will actually use often. If I see something I want but I’m not sure I’d use it, I write it down on my phone, leave, and then wait a week or so. If I feel like I need it and that I’ll use it, I’ll go back and buy it. Another way to avoid buying excess products is by making a list of what you need and sticking to the list.

Well, that’s all the ideas I have for you guys today. I hope you guys found this post useful! Let me know in the comments what you do to reduce, reuse, and recycle your makeup!

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