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Wednesday Fashion is back! I’m sorry it’s been a couple weeks since the last Wednesday Fashion – it has been very busy! Anyways, this Wednesday Fashion post is about TJ Maxx! I aboslutely love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods. If you have never been to any of these, I definitely recommend it. There are always great items at amazing prices! It is pretty rare for me to walk into one of these stores and come out empty-handed.

Growing up, my parents and I would make trips to TJ Maxx at least once or twice a week. There is something new everyday, so you never know what you’ll find! Home Goods didn’t open until a couple years ago where my parents live, but when it did, we started going there often too. All of these stores are also great places to find gifts! I almost always find something for my friends.

Now to show you even more how great these stores are, here are two tops I found the other day at TJ Maxx!

The first one is a nice green choker top. I love this shirt! It goes great with jeans and any kind of shoes, although I think booties or converses would finish the look nicely. It also has a deep v neck, which is a great for nights out, or you can wear a tank top underneath for work, classes, etc.

In these pictures, I am wearing jeggings from Kohl’s, a belt from American Eagles, and the Converse are from Marshalls (they have a great choice of shoes).

The second top is a cold shoulder top that says “Bad to the Bone” on it. I just found this shirt funny and loved the way it looked on. I’m usually not a big fan of pink, but this is more of a faded pink and it worked with my style. I am also wearing grey jeggings from Kohl’s and Converse from Marshalls.

If you have any of these stores in your area and have not gone in yet, you definitely should! Let me know in the comments whether you guys have been to any of these and if so, do you like them?

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